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Corporate Financial Educational Workshops

We can offer business's from 10 employees to 100+ employees a company-sponsored financial wellness program that introduces employees to essential personal finance concepts from a unique balance sheet perspective. It's a value-added company benefit that can have a powerful effect on financial decision-making so participants can achieve a higher degree of control over their lifetime earnings and overall financial picture.

It's all common sense, with an uncommon perspective.

A small investment of your time - a profound impact on the financial well-being of your workforce.

With our financial education program, you can give your employees an opportunity to understand the financial dynamics of their lives in a way very few ever get the chance to.

This new outlook helps reduce financial stress, increasing employees' focus and workplace productivity while demonstrating your company's concern for their well-being.

Our program is completely customizable, so workshops can be tailored to benefit any group or segment of your workforce, including key executives. We include interactive tools, a personal website, videos, articles, and other valuable resources. Participants get a personalized, completely confidential way to learn by doing, and gain practical knowledge about the impact of earnings, savings, liquidity, and debt management on their long-term financial growth.

Contact us below to learn more and begin the process of hosting a working at your company.