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For Nurses

Nurses Are a Special Profession & We Have Advisors That Understand Your Profession

Our firm has a specialty division which is dedicated to the planning needs of Nurses.

This specialty division is called Nurse Wealth Advisors, LLC. 

This division has a dedicated team of advisors who specialize in and understand the planning needs of Nursing Professionals.

Our Mission

The Mission of our Nurse Wealth Advisors team is to help Nurses' improve their financial well being and increase the security of their financial future by following our propriety planning process.


To build and secure your future it's important to have a complete picture of your current financial life - and an understanding of how the individual financial decisions you make can work to get your to the best possible place.

  • Have you protected your life and lifestyle?
  • Do you have an effective and well thought-out retirement strategy?
  • Are you comfortable with how you are managing your debt?
  • Do you live a budgeted lifestyle?
  • Are your saving sufficiently for the future?

Benefits of Going Through Our Process with one of our Specialized Advisors

  • We will help you organize your financial life.
  • We will have a detailed conversation with you to learn what is important to you.
  • We will analyze your current financial situation and point out areas that you can improve upon.
  • We will work together with you to help you to optimize your financial potential.

Please contact us below if you would like to lean more about our services, and arrange for a no cost complementary meeting.

A Good Place To Start- Protect Your Income

Most people know they need to insure their life, their car and their home or condo. But they often overlook insuring their most important asset - their ability to earn an income.

Your income is the primary source of funding for a lifetime of things, from basic necessities to the hopes and dreams you have for yourself and those you love. The million dollars or more you'll likely to earn over the course of your nursing career is surely an asset worth insuring.

But what would happen if your income stopped because you were too sick or insured to work? Without a paycheck, how long could you pay your rent, mortgage, utilities, buy groceries, make student loan payments, etc.? In all likelihood, your life would be thrown significantly off course.

And if you're thinking that most disabilities are the result of freak accidents, you're in for a surprise. The vast majority of disabilities, about 90%, are caused by various forms of illness including cancer, mental disorders like anxiety and depression, muscle and back problems, and heart disease.

If you would like a quote to get an idea of how much a disability income protection program would cost, just click on this link. 

If you would like for one of our Nurse specialty advisors to contact you, just complete your contact information below.